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the beginning.

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Fremont Health –
Leading the way.

Fremont Area Medical Center is now Fremont Health - and we couldn't be more excited. Along with our name change comes a renewed commitment to you, backed by the combined resources of a healthcare system that includes a medical center, primary care and specialty clinics, as well as specialized physicians and services. We've been leading the way since our founding more than 70 years ago. Doing everything in our power to ensure that people here in Fremont and surrounding areas are able to get the very best quality healthcare. And, bringing together caring and compassionate professionals, along with the latest advances in medical practice and technology to deliver locally focused programs and services that lead the way to better health.

Just as our new name implies, we not only want to help you when you're sick. We're also focused on helping you to maintain your good health. When we do, we not only have healthier people, we also build stronger communities. Our new name is only the beginning.

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Partners in your good health

At Fremont Health, we don’t think it's too much for you to expect your healthcare partner to be there with all the right resources to tailor programs and services to your specific needs – even as those needs change. We are fortunate to attract some of the area’s brightest professionals to provide the guidance you need to navigate your healthcare journey with ease and confidence. So wherever your journey may lead, Fremont Health is leading the way.

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A.J. Merrick Manor

Behavioral Medicine

Cancer Center

  • Hadi Zahra, MD
  • Mohammed Zahra, MD

Cardiovascular Care

  • Michael Dehning, MD
  • Steven Diamantis, MD
  • Edmund Fiksinski, MD
  • Admassu Hailu, MD
  • Steve Henry, MD
  • S. George Sojka, MD
  • David Sterns, MD

Care for Women

  • Nicole Dix, DO
  • Jamie Gustafson, MD
  • Gerald Keasling, MD
  • Karen Lauer-Silva, MD
  • Mark Leahy, MD

Center for Wound Healing

Family Care

  • Shalu Bansal, MD
  • Erin Cooper, MD
  • Geoff Cooper, MD
  • James Sullivan, MD

Infectious Disease & Travel Medicine

  • Angela Sukstorf, MD

Internal Medicine

  • J. Michael Adams, MD
  • Roger Dilley, MD
  • T. Scot Robertson, MD
  • Richard Seitz, MD

Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

  • Bryan Bredthauer, MD
  • Matt Byington, DO
  • Steven Kumagai, MD
  • Jon Uggen, DO

Surgery Center

Surgical Group

  • Stephen Dreyer, MD
  • Keith Leatherbury, MD
  • Adam Pentel, DO
  • Jacob Wiesen, MD